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How to Choose the Ideal Tennis Ball Machine for Your Needs

How do you play tennis?

What should I look for in a tennis ball machine?

Ball Speed: Lobster Elite throws a blistering 80 mph
Oscillation Capability: Elite 2 simulates match play, Elite 3 offers 2 line oscillation
Battery Life: Elite models 1-3 offer the largest, longest lasting battery.
Ease of Transport: Ergonomic folding handle Model 1 42 lbs, Mdl 2/3 46 lbs.
Length of Warranty: Elites offer the only 2 year warranty for battery machines

Elite 2 Triple Oscillation

Tennis Is An Investment In Both Time And Money. When You Buy From Lobster Sports, You Purchase Peace Of Mind. That's The "Built For Life" Promise.

Why should I buy a Lobster Ball Machine and not your competition?

1.Lobster has been in business for twice as long as our competitors, 37 years.

2.Lobster's quality ball machines offer features found on machines costing thousands of dollars more. Triple oscillation is a patent pending industry first. Elite 2.

3.Lobster offers an unparalleled 10 point quality test on all machines shipped.

4.Lobster stands behind its products by offering the only 2 year warranty in the business. Warranty.

5.Lobster is the easiest ball machine to transport with 8 inch wheels, a folding ergonomic handle, and a reversible hopper. Elite Ball Machines.

Lobster Sports offers two state-of-the-art lines of tennis ball machines.

The Elite 1 , Elite 2 , Elite 3 , Elite Grand 4 , Elite Grand 5 , Elite Grand 5 LE are battery-operated tennis ball machines. View an Elite Comparison Chart. For most players, the Lobster Sports Elite line is the perfect choice due to the following benefit-rich features.

True corner-to-corner oscillation: The Elite 2 adds triple oscillation, throwing balls throughout the entire court. The Elite 3 adds a two-line setting for unequalled match play incorporating varying depths while practicing forehands, backhands, lobs, and volleys. A built-in indicator ensures balls actually hit the corners, simulating true match play.

Fastest and slowest speed: Elites can deliver at 80 miles per hour (that's 10-15% faster than the competition) or be reduced to as little as 10 mph. Other machines top out at 65 mph and offer a minimum 30 mph, which is totally unsuitable for the smallest family members and beginners.

Heaviest spin: A top spin designed to bounce to a string-breaking shoulder-height and a slice that'll challenge you like a touring pro. Mastery of top and back spins is what separates the average player from a champion!

50 and 60 degree lobs: Our powerful overhead lobs are twice as high as other ball machines that typically are 30 degrees or less. Professionals skilled at lobs dominate the court. Master this little-practiced stroke.

Six spot random sweep: Be challenged by a sweep that strikes an unparalleled random six spots on the court. Many competitors' ball machines are limited to three or four spots.

Extreme portability: Our Elite models transport over all surfaces, including stairs, gravel, and grass, without easily tipping over. Compare our 8-inch wheels to our competitor's 1-inch castors or machines that must be placed on their sides to roll, as well as our ergonomically designed 3-foot handle to their 6-inch handles. Easily manage our 42-44 pounds machines that fit easily in the trunk, making it a single trip from the car to the court.

Single long-life large battery: The competition's 2 smaller batteries can't match our 4 1-hour to 8-hour play time before recharging. The Elite won't quit before you're ready to stop!

Unique ball capacity viewer: A ball capacity viewer enables you to see, from your side of the net, when to reload the hopper. This is a feature unique to Lobster Sports Elite tennis ball machines.

Reversible hopper: Reverse the hopper to cover the Elite for easy storage or to enable you to transport it in your car.

Two-function wireless remote: Control both the feed and the sweep using an optional two-function wireless remote, available with initial purchase as well as an upgrade at any time.

Defining "Portable" Tennis Ball Machines

Most tennis ball machine manufacturers toss around the phrase "portable ball machines" to describe any machine that runs off batteries, regardless of weight and battery capacity. Be aware that some companies advertise the weight of their portable machines without the hopper - a necessary component - in order to make their machines appear lighter. All Lobster Sports ball machines are the lightest in the industry.

Lobster Sports Tennis Ball Machines May Be Used To Hone Your Skills In Baseball, Lacrosse, Field Hockey, And Football!

Using Your Tennis Ball Machine as a Baseball Pitching Machine

Your Lobster Sports tennis ball machine makes an ideal baseball pitching machine, using tennis balls to practice hand-eye coordination skills. It is excellent for baseball batting practice, grounders, pop-flies, and catcher-blocking drills. Due to the fact that they are facing a tennis ball, batters are more likely to step into the pitch unafraid, and transfer that skill when facing a high-speed baseball or softball. Our machines can be set to pitch the ball accurately to the identical spot, time after time. Our 150-ball hopper allows the batter to get in hundreds of swings per hour without causing wear and tear on a pitcher's arm.

Using Your Tennis Ball Machine for Lacrosse and Field Hockey

Goal tending in both lacrosse and field hockey takes practice to develop. Rather than needing another player to drill with, use one of our Lobster Sports models that provides dual oscillation. The goalie can practice dives and saves in order to develop automatic responsiveness in game situations.

Using Your Tennis Ball Machine for Football

Have your receivers use a Lobster Sports tennis ball machine to develop soft hands. If a receiver can learn to catch a small tennis ball on the run, catching a football will be much easier. The result? More touchdowns!

I'm Ready To Learn More About Lobster Sports Tennis Ball Machines!

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